We want to thank you for viewing our website. Our goal is to help you learn about some key non compliance issues in infection control that are occurring in dental offices around the world.

The majority of dentists, orthodontists, and hygienists do their best to ensure you are safe while you are in their care. But sometimes their best is not good enough. We are simply trying to raise awareness about non compliance and give the public the information needed to make informed decisions when visiting their local dental office. The air water syringe and air water syringe tips are a major source of non compliance and cross-contamination in a dental office. Until offices start to take this seriously, there will continue to be potential health scares due to non compliance. We appreciate any feedback you may have after reading our website.

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Disposable air water syringe tips are a more safe alternative to metal tips.

Does your dentist, orthodontist, or hygienist use a non-compliant air water syringe, metal tips, or need help with their dental unit water line?

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